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As the first ever participant from Asia, Ciao Bono Gelato won the first prize at the Gelato Festival in Rome, Italy competing against the most distinguished Italian Gelato makers.  Gelato Festival is the largest & oldest independent festival of Italian Ice Cream. It invites the top European gelato makers to participate.


The winning creation of Ciao Bono Gelato was called Romance of Asia. Its key idea was to merge Italian and Asian culinary styles within the context of gelato.

The main component of this creation is Black Sesame gelato base. To accentuate Asian theme, we used Matcha Green Tea chocolate variegato. As a final touch our pralined hazelnuts provided contrasting texture.

Overall, Romance of Asia was an unforgettable experience for public & technical jury.


We developed a completely unique recipe with reduced sugar content, but very rich and creamy texture. Reducing sweetness alone makes gelato snowy and flaky. This important part of our know how is our trade secret that can not be easily replicated.


Our gelato is very, rich, dense and creamy, which is a result of mere 25 to 30%  of air content. Our product then contains up to 75% of milk, cream and other flavour creating ingredients. Result is the perfect gelato experience.

Ice creams are pumped with up to 50 to 75% air in order to maximse profit. Such high air content together with low quantity of ingredients leave ice cream tasteless. To combat this, high sugar, artificial flavourings and colourings are used to boost ice cream flavour.


We use combinations of complimentary and contrasting ingredients that create slower or faster bursts of flavour on the palate. This layered effect creates changing perception of flavours as they unfold over time. In our gelato, you will notice blending of intriguing flavours while preserving their individual qualities and profiles distinct.


Aroma of our real & high quality ingredients amplifies customers’ experience of our gelato. Natural smells intrinsic to particular ingredients stimulate taste buds as flavour layers unfold in harmony on customers’ palates.


We have realised that sugar tends to drown flavours intensity, leaving them almost imperceptible to customers. In case of our gelato, reduced sweetness leaves the stage open for natural flavours of our carefully selected ingredients to shine through.

...intense experience of elegant flavours as they unfold on your palate in peceptible layers.


Calling our flavours an art is not an overstatement. Each flavour creation is crafted to take our customers on a culinary journey.

It can be a heart-warming trip to familiar and comfortable tastes of childhood, or expedition to exotic and mysterious culinary experiences.


We use base flavour of our gelato as a canvas, on which we paint with different textures and tastes of our variegato sauces. In sorbets, interesting and refreshing fruit blends are out signature approach.

Our customers love unique experiences we bring them with our gelato.

Connect with Ciao Bono Gelato & become a part of ever growing family of our passionate customers & followers.

2018 Copyrights by Ciao Bono Gelato
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