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Delicate & elegant flavours
Creamy, rich texture
Real milk & cream



Intense, fruity flavours
Smooth texture, refreshing
No cream, no milk, no fat

Popular with
female customers





3 Liter
Plastic Box

5 Liter
Plastic Tub

Our packaging options are flexible to meet your needs. Use our standard 3 liter plastic box, 5 liter plastic tub, 3 or 5 liter reusable steel tub or other that suit your needs.

Now you can enjoy our product without additional costs. We deliver our product to your business in Taiwan for free.

Thick cardboard box to prevent damage.

Extremely important for your B2C & B2B sales, our recipe is extremely stable and balanced by using natural stabilizers (locust bean, guar gum). Our gelato remains smooth - never sandy or icy, for up to 12 months.




Without balanced recipe, ice cream can change texture, which becomes serious issue if you serve it to your customers on pancakes, with desserts, as sundaes or in milk shakes.

Ice cream with unbalanced recipe seems fine at first but after some time in the freezer it can become gritty, icy or gluey. If stored in freezers that open frequently, temperature variations  tend to exacerbate this problem.


Doesn’t melt fast during preparation & serving. Allows your staff to bring beautiful product in front of your customers even during store rush hour.

Your product maintains its design, enabling your customers to enjoy the beauty of your creation & have time for the perfect social media shot.

Naturally strong & delicious flavours complement the rest of your creation. Introduces colours of natural ingredients used for making gelato. Contrast them with beautiful toppings.

Perception of high value is supported by our gelato leaving customer exceptionally satisfied.

Dissolves fast during preparation time, even before the final product is served to customers.

High air content causes ice cream to dissolve into slush, resulting in visually unappealing experience.

Low on flavour, introduces artificial tastes into your creation. High air content makes ice cream look pale, hence unhealthy artificial colours are added.

Makes your product look cheap, leaving customers dissapointed with their experience.


Gelato production has come a long way from its beginnings in the 17th century. Our modern gelato lab uses Italian equipment that ensures that gelato is delicious, stable & most importantly safe to consume.

We appreciate and embrace innovation when it comes to gelato equipment, since it ensures quality and safety  of our product. However, we believe that gelato making should stick to original and real ingredients that made gelato win over hearts of consumers in the first place.

Our gelato is made in a traditional way, using highest quality & authentic ingredients.  Its delicious flavour, texture and mouthfeel come from cow milk, cream from France and natural flavour ingredients, from all over the world.


Your customers deserve the best!

Cheap cost of mass produced ice cream comes at a price. Each & every ingredient is added with the sole purpose of reducing cost. That’s how cow milk becomes water mixed with milk powder, cream becomes palm tree oil and natural flavour ingredients are reduced to fake flavourings and colourings. Don’t let your customers suffer through it.

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